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President's Letter

Happy Spring!!!

We survived another Illinois winter, not to mention a polar vortex. I am so excited with the coming warmer

weather; longer days and the blooming of all the beautiful flowers that await us in March.

I have enjoyed my time as President but as the rebirth of spring it’s time to start thinking of the new leaders for the 2019 Summer Board Nominations. 

Nominations and forms will be available starting at our next lunch-

eon at Osaka on March 12. Being on the board as Welcoming Chair, Program Chair, and President has been so rewarding and fun! Being involved is the best way for having meaningful friendships with our wonderful Entre Nous members.

Entre Nous has a website! Please take the time to check it out: www.entrenouspeoria.club. 

Thank you, Gretchen Powell, for all your hard work putting this together. It is a work in progress and we will continue to add more and more information.

Please join us on March 12 at Osaka for an informational program on Holistic Living and Essential Oils.


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