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In 1945, Clarke & Company, our leading department store at the time, was giving two luncheons a month for the new Peorians whom I had welcomed. 


After one of these luncheons, four of the ladies waited to speak to me.  They wanted so much for me to organize a club to help new Peorians become better acquainted not only with each other, but also with the community.  I then invited them to have lunch with me in the Peoria Room of the Pere Marquette Hotel the following Tuesday.  I phoned several whom I had recently welcomed and they were also interested.  That increased the number to 12 who attended the luncheon.  And so it was that the Entre Nous was organized on April 6, 1945 in the lounge of the Pere Marquette Hotel.   


Several names for the club were suggested, and “Entre Nous” (which in French means “Between Us”) was their choice.  We limited the membership to 20, but as it was growing so fast, we increased the number to 30, then 40, then  finally  decided  that *70  active members, was large enough.  Through the years, as the club developed, we found it necessary to form the present set-up of Prospective, Active, and Honorary status as explained in our Constitution.   By:  Beulah C. Speers Founder and  “Dear Heart” of Entre Nous Club of Peoria 


*70 members is no longer the limit. 


General Information

Becoming a Member


Entre Nous is an invitational newcomer’s club established in 1945 to acquaint women with the Peoria community.  Newcomers to the Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford County areas may be extended an invitation by a current or former member.